I Love Your Energy Will Transform Your Life-Susanna Krizo

  I Love Your Energy Will Transform Your Life—Susanna Krizo

                                                 By Steve Ogah

American writer, Susanna Krizo; has insisted that vibrant energy will guarantee eternal bliss and change the way you look at your life. Her assertion is contained in her spiritual book, I Love Your Energy. This is a volume of writings where she examines 22 principles that work to impact human existence. In this book, she focuses on elemental energy theory and other spiritual theories.

I Love Your Energy is a spiritual wellbeing book that is divided into 10 parts comprising 16 chapters along with endnotes which indicate sources she utilized. Essentially, author Susanna is concerned about happiness and how humanity can live in a state of bliss. In her words: “Happiness. What is it and why do we want it so much? Happiness can be defined as a feeling life is good, a feeling that makes us feel good, good about ourselves.”

In this high-spirited book, the author draws upon a personal journey of searching for happiness. It is this experience that she has conscientiously distilled and urges people to look beyond formal religious structures for contentment. But she is also quick to highlight that, “naturally life isn’t just about happiness. We need to experience sorrow and sadness as well, as they develop our characters in ways happiness can’t.”

Susanna Krizo, author of When Birds Take Flight and other books, urges readers to look into I Love Your Energy as she is convinced that it’s capable of providing, “a joyful life filled with vibrant energy and lasting happiness!” Susanna’s books are available on Amazon and where good books are sold.

Steve Ogah
Steve Ogah
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