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Now – 22

By: Donovan Martin Jr

No, Omicron will not be gone
Within the coming year
In fact, it seems, and science deems
It may not disappear

And moreover, torrid weather
Has become quite normal
We see less snow, hurricanes blow
Deaths of trees and coral

Some like to gaze, at future days
Just hoping all turns well
Others ditch hope, and like to mope, 
Groan, “Future will be hell”

Bells still chime and carols rhyme 
Amidst the Christmas season 
Blind rage and fear for fates unclear 
Lacks merit and good reason 

Exact caution? That must be done. 
The future’s dangerous 
Experts that test? They research best
In them we inlay trust 

As climate change and COVID strains,
Mutate and ‘come severe
Our healths worsen, and each person 
Must become far, more near 

This does not mean, groups of fourteen 
Join a household of ten 
And congregate in groups of eight 
All cramped in a small den

It means to share, and extend care
To listen and to learn 
To help who need; to treat, to feed 
To satiate who yearn 

Just vaccinate.
T’is a way great To boost immunity
And give a call, it may seem small, 
But’s loved by family 

Now ’22, though a year new
Could mimic ’21
But it could be, the chance that we 
See our problems undone 

If we resort to true effort, 
Care from this Christmas on, 
Though issues may not go away
Together, we’ll be strong 

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