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Journalist “el-Amraoui Mariya” had an exclusive interview with the most renowned sports marketer 《Esteve Calzada》

Mariya el amraoui

1)When did you start in football?

1-In 2002, when I was hired as Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer for FC Barcelona.

2)What motivated you to choose the field?

2-Football is my passion and Barcelona my childhood team.

3)Did you find support from someone?

3-Not really

4)How many family members does your family consist of ?

-2 children.

5)If one of your children chose this field, would you agree with it?

5-Sure, actually my son is involved in one of my ventures.

6)To what extent have you achieved success in this field?

6-I think quite successful but probably best to be judged by others!