The GOP Civil War Has Begun
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The GOP Civil War Has Begun

The GOP’s imploding right before the 2022 midterms

The GOP’s Civil War has begun, and they are intended to destroy a party that is already shattered and lost all credibility. You have the former disgraced President Donald Trump firing shots at Senator McConnell, Governor DeSantis and a multitude of Senate and Congressional candidates and incumbents.

Then on another hand, you have Senator Lindsey Graham sticking up for his friend or enemy depending on the day of the week Donald Trump as he chastises his colleague and minority Senate leader Mitch McConnell.

And what would a civil war be without the incompetent governor of Florida Ron DeSantis, who is now taking shots at former President Donald Trump for his mishandling of the pandemic? Except for the governor, Texas Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a monumental, colossal mess!

DeSantis has been bending the knee and puckering up to Donald Trump since the time he’s been in office. He has been complicit in spreading the lies of the insurrectionist president while the outbreak of the pandemic has seen more Floridians die from COVID-19 under his watch as governor.

With DeSantis’ latest surge in the proverbial poll for presidential nominees, his delusions have emboldened the hypocritical governor to believe he has a legitimate chance of earning the Republican 2024 Presidential nominee. DeSantis’ hubris is being outdone by his ambition to be president has put him in the crosshair of the disgraced President, Donald Trump.

Trump is still the preferred choice of the GOP to sit on top of the ticket for the 2024 presidential election. And although many are speculating he will still run for president, he has yet to officially declare his intent.

While Trump continues to hold the GOP hostage, many on the other hand believe he will not run for several reasons. First, the longer he sits idle the more money he could raise for himself through his political Pac. Second, he remains the center of attention and the de facto leader of the GOP, which essentially means all roads to the Presidency goes through him. Lastly, saving himself from the embarrassment of being disqualified to run based on presumptive convictions in multiple active criminal and civil court cases against him.

The possibility of Trump facing serious charges in federal courts has now been amplified with the Department of Justice’s recent decision to charge 10 of the insurrectionists with sedition. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s recent press release indicated everyone responsible for the terrorist attack on the Capitol building regardless of political standing or rank will be held accountable.

Garland’s justice department is not willing to bend the law in the ways former Attorney General Bill Barr did at the request of Trump. With Garland at the helm, reality must be sinking for Trump that he stands a legitimate chance of also facing charges of sedition or worse.

Many are translating Garland’s words to “blood is in the water,” meaning Trump is currently more vulnerable than ever. And with the former President’s vulnerability showing, his fake friends and allies are turning on him.

Then there is congresswoman Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney. She has been publicly chastised and stripped of all her committees by her party for not acknowledging the big lie.

Her reward for telling the truth is exile. Cheney also sits on the powerful January 6th committee that is charged with investigating the events that led up to the terrorist attack on the Capitol building. And as more damaging evidence starts to present itself, they only further indicate her colleagues of being complicit in the peaceful transfer of power.

Cheney has promised to cleanse the GOP of its corruption and spineless truth deniers as many of her colleagues continue to kiss the ring of disgraced President Trump.

Cheney is also strongly considering running to be the candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024, which is the Republican’s absolute worst nightmare. Although Cheney may be seen as a Saint right now, she was still a strong supporter of the former president and voted in lockstep for the majority of his policies.

As America and the world continue to watch the implosion of the GOP in full colour, come midterms, it will still not make a difference. Because Republicans will continue to vote for candidates that are deplorable, conspiracy theorists that lack decency and quorum to represent the people.

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