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World Youth Forum a Message to the Global Youth

Engineer Mohammed Saieed – Artificial Inelegance Expert and Digital Transformation Consultant in the Middle East. Participating in the World Youth Forum held in Sharm El-Sheikh in its fourth edition, the forum is a great opportunity to exchange experiences. Attending the fourth session of the World Youth Forum, attend the session and the importance of the issue before the conference.

Engineer Mohamed Saieed also noted the issues on the fourth agenda of the World Youth Forum, the effects after the issuance of Covid, issues of peace, development, creativity and a generous direct, the Century Project in Egypt, and building a safe and inclusive world, over the course of four days of the activities of the huge forum he is following the scientist.

Started from Egypt for all the youth of the world,.

Pointing to the flags of the countries of the world fluttering on the land of Egypt; It carries a message to all the world that Egypt is a country of peace, a country of security and safety; Which is what makes us proud and proud.

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