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Couple From India Plans The Most Epic Wedding In The Metaverse World

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A virtual avatar of the brides late father will be present to walk her down the aisle

Two Indian romantics will have their first wedding in the Metaverse world, and perhaps the second or third in the real world. The Metaverse wedding will take place on Sunday, February 6th. Their wedding ceremony will be divided into two parts; The first is traditional according to the customs of their parents, and the second is hypothetical in the world of the Metaverse. Using their avatars that will be controlled by devices and VR glasses, they are expected to be joined by about five thousand people, avatars, family, friends and followers from around the world.

Both work in the field of technology, and the groom works in the field of digital currencies and blockchain. They met through Instagram and the wedding ceremony will be epic for the Metaverse world.

After the traditional ceremony, both newlyweds will head towards their laptops and appear in the virtual world as avatars. The invitees will also receive access to the virtual party via their device. Each invitee will have the right to choose an avatar that represents their true appearance, and choose the clothes they will wear to the party. Each avatar will include the user’s real name which will make it easy to identify them as they roam the party facilities via switches controlled by the real person. In addition, an option to give gifts to the newlyweds or “bridal points” will be available in the virtual world.

The bride and groom are planning a Harry Potter-themed virtual party venue, including palaces, facilities and decorations. The groom will be honouring the late bride’s father who died last year with the creation of a virtual avatar of him, so he can be present to walk her down the aisle. This symbolic gesture is a small token to express his love and admiration for his wife to be.

Will there be joy? Perhaps the decisive answer will be realized after the virtual party. The changes we see and receive are the greatest novelties at one time, and what is new to imagine simultaneously.