Freedom Convoy Has Overstayed Its Welcome In Ottawa
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Freedom Convoy Has Overstayed Its Welcome In Ottawa

Ottawa Mayor and citizens want the Freedom Convoy to roll on out of their city

Canada’s freedom rally has made its way across the country and has stalled in Ottawa. The truckers came, but many have not left and have overstayed their welcome according to Ottawa’s Mayor.

The right to protest is a Canadian right. But, what Canadians have seen since the truckers arrived in Ottowa are disgraced monuments, citizens arrested, businesses interrupted, and multiple hate symbols and Nazi flags flying in the crowd.

The vast majority of the truckers are peacefully protesting and presumably do not support the white supremacist within the ranks. The truckers are demanding the government do away with all COVID-19 mandates. And if those demands are not met, they will occupy the city. Unfortunately, Ottawa and cities across the country are having their resources and businesses interrupted by the ‘Freedom Rally’ over vaccinations.

COVID-19 is by far the worst pandemic any Canadian has seen in the last century, and misinformation about the vaccine has tainted people’s outlook and underplayed the severity of the pandemic. If you live in Canada, at some point you would have been vaccinated to prevent multiple illnesses at Birth and throughout adolescence. Which begs the question, why now decide to fight against vaccines that are life-saving?

The freedom convoy started out being a rally for free choice and now is considered a nuisance and inconvenient to the city of Ottawa.

It is also important to note that certain politicians have openly supported the freedom rally blockade that continues to interrupt the daily lives of everyone. When a similar blockade was in place by the Indigenous community, they demanded the RCMP intervene. That type of treatment and perceived favouritism shows Canadians the hypocrisy of members within the government.

Vaccines save lives and according to the truckers Association, over 80 to 90% of them are vaccinated and do not condone the actions of the freedom convoy.

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