If 80% Of Canadians Are Vaccinated, What Majority Is The Convoy Speaking For?
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If 80% Of Canadians Are Vaccinated, What Majority Is The Convoy Speaking For?

The quote “Freedom Convoy” continues to disrupt the lives and businesses of the Canadians

The Freedom protest was supposed to be just that, a protest. Now it has turned into a siege with members within the ranks linked to far-right groups and white supremacy. 

Every Canadian has a right to protest, but what is happening across the country is an attempt to overthrow a democratically elected government. One organization linked to the convoy calling themselves Canada Unity issued a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the government of Canada, Senate and Governor-general with unrealistic demands. Some excerpts from the MOU;

“By having the Senate of Canada and the Governor General of Canada sign this MOU into action, they agree to immediately cease and desist all unconstitutional, discriminatory and segregating actions and human rights violations. It calls for an immediate instruction to all levels of the Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Municipal governments to not only stop but furthermore waive all SARS-CoV-2 (and not limited to SARSCoV-2 subsequent variations) fines that have been issued and imposed upon its citizens, institutions, and private enterprises. Further, to immediately re-instate all employees in all branches of all levels of governments and not limited to promote the same to the private industry and institutional sectors employees with full lawful employment rights prior to wrongful and unlawful dismissals. Lastly it instructs all levels of government and private Sector that the Illegal use of a Vaccine Passport to cease and desist immediately. What can I do as a Canada.” Said Canada Unity.


After receiving nationwide condemnation for what many Canadians are taking as an attempt to overthrow the government, the Canada Unity issued the following statement on their website. 

“It has come to the attention of Canada Unity that the Memorandum Of Understanding (herein referred to as MOU) does not reflect the spirit and intent of the Freedom Convoy Movement 2022

We represent the voice of many Canadians who desire to have the Charter of Rights and Freedoms upheld. We are everyday Canadians, not lawyers or politicians.

We are immediately withdrawing the MOU as we do not want any unintended interpretations to continue. Our sole desire with the MOU was to have a document where Canadians could peacefully express their displeasure with current C19 mandates, and express their desire to be free. Canada Unity does not support or encourage any acts which tarnish democratic values held by Canadians.

To the over 320,000 original signatories of the MOU; we appreciate your support and will continue to peacefully demonstrate until the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is upheld.

This document was created with the sole purpose of bringing the government of Canada and all Canadian citizens into agreement; that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms should be upheld for all

Canada Unity firmly supports the constitution and democratic process. We remain committed to following lawful process and upholding freedom of choice.”

Canada Unity

James Bauder

Sandra Bauder

In wake of the January 6th terrorist attack on the US Capitol and subsequent charges of sedition, Canadians have legitimate concerns about attempts to overthrow their government. Just like the Trump insurrection mob, the Freedom convoy also had many supporters openly displaying Nazi and white supremacist symbols of hate. 

Sign From “Freedom Convoy” – Source Facebook

Of course, not everyone associated with the Freedom occupation is racist or supports white supremacy and those assumptions should never be made. Many of them are just there to show support for an end to vaccine mandates and do not condone any form of hate, occupation or violence.

However, when the newly minted leader of the Conservative Party Candice Bergan acknowledges her government supports the Truck Convoy but does not support hate groups, her choice of words “Nice people on both sides” drew disturbing similarities to those of disgraced US President Donald Trump when he said “there are very fine people on both sides.’ Referring to the Charlottesville white supremacist terrorist attack that saw an innocent bystander killed when one of the terrorists used his car to run her over. 

As the Truck Convoy continues to lay siege to cities across Canada, their support is dwindling. They have systematically blocked the bridges to major trade ports between Canada and the US and have disrupted the lives of businesses and Canadians. 

Every Canadian wants to see a return to normalcy but making unrealistic demands of government and holding cities across the country hostage, is not the way to start a dialogue. Over 80% of Canadians are fully vaccinated and more than 50% are boosted. So the real question is to the convoy is, what majority are they speaking for?

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