Robert de Mareschal Thinks The President is Possessed

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Could There Be a Demon in the White House? Robert de Mareschal Thinks So!       

Robert de Mareschal’s novel, The Demon in the White House, is an interrogation of two opposing powers. It is this conflict of counteracting forces that keeps the story going forward. Essentially, there is a struggle between the forces of good and evil as the Vatican struggles to forestall the establishment of Hell on Earth. These underlying conditions provide inherent skirmishes on multiple levels that energize this apocalyptic novel of a Demon, against the attack and defensive brigades of the Catholic Church. The author ranges his imagination from the White House to Ethiopia to the world of demons in what he calls, “modern fantasy genre.”

The author tells me he has an understanding of how the world functions and that is what motivated this novel. While the author’s position may be counteracted, he insists that: “I have built some ideas into Demon which will help people lead happier lives. Show them how the world works.” De Mareschal believes that the world is in constant struggles between the forces of good and evil and human beings may be violently possessed by forces beyond their control. The president of the United States of America is not exempt in the writer’s fictional universe.

The Demon in the White House is a narrative where the most powerful political man in the world, the president of the United States of America, is in choke holds of a demon prince. His struggles to extricate himself from this evil grip and the place of the Catholic Church in all the frightening dramatic events are ingredients that provide the novel with its attraction to readers. De Mareschal tells me he was able to produce this coherent story amidst a creative task most writers face. “Getting the plot to flow rationally towards a satisfying conclusion; whilst building and releasing tension in increasing cycles is always the most difficult for me.”

What the novelist has done in this work is to hint that everyone has a vulnerable underbelly that may be challenged from time to time. In real world situations, it’s difficult to imagine the president of the America in a spiritual dilemma; but De Mareschal says this is possible in the way he has framed this novel. The forces of darkness and evil have far-reaching influences, the author warns. And not even the hallowed political spaces are shielded from demonic irritants.

While Robert de Mareschal doesn’t hide his love for the countryside and his cats, he says his imagination is also not far from the same world he has created in the novel under review. He thinks of a sequel and a world in which, “the Vatican is faced with a new problem from the Forces of Darkness and the Knights have to get involved. The Demons have led a billionaire to establish a research foundation to seek cure for his wife’s cancer. A Demon has then inspired one of his scientists to find a cure which also gives immortality but requires a jab every month.”

And how have readers reacted to the brand of creative imagination that rules The Demon in the White House? Robert de Mareschal responds with an indication of pleasure: “My Beta readers love it-which is nice.” Amazon UK and other book-selling houses have Robert de Mareschal’s novel of demons, politics, faith and modern fantasia.

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