Russian Citizens Stand In Solidarity Against Putin's Invasion Of Ukraine
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Russian Citizens Stand In Solidarity Against Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

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Tens of thousand of Russians took to the streets in a show of defiance against Putin’s new war

In a show of solidarity for Ukraine, thousands of Russian citizens packed Moscow square to protest Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. This show of solidarity on this scale sends a message to the Putin dictatorship that the country is tired of being in a constant state of war.

As the peaceful protest grew, so did the show of force by the Russian government. And throughout the day, several thousand people were arrested and jailed.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is now into day two, and the casualties are mounting on both sides. However, according to Russian State-controlled media, it claims Russia is on a peacekeeping mission.

Putin may have underestimated the will of the Ukrainian people to remain a sovereign nation. His new war is already proving to be unpopular within his own country which will be the ultimate demise of the long-standing dictator and making way for a western democratic-style government.

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