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The Youth Association for the Revival of Memory and Heritage is organizing the Miss Morocco competition for the Casablanca region

In celebration of the International Women’s day , the youth society for reviving the memories and heritage has organised the largest competition for designers in Casablanca in its fourth cycle for heritage. The celebration was held in Al Farah hotel on the 6th of March 2022 and witnessed participation of a group of international designers and wide range participation by many designers from cities all over Morocco . This event has been covered by written and seen media from both Moroccan and international media.

It witnessed also the attendance of Miss Red Marrakesh Oumaima el Radaoui and designer Mahmoud El Alami as a honour guest in this competition . 

This competition was privileged with a declaration by president Hayae ouali el idrissi who explained that the aim is not to show the external beauty for participants but to concentrate on the cultural , ideological and mental aspects . He concentrated on many interviews on the current circumstances and the COVID 19 Pandemic did not affect the completion as all precautionary measure were taken such as social distancing to protect health and safety . 

president Mr El ouali El Idrissi confirmed that the aim of this event is not for eh winner to take photos but is to achieve further aims of what she could add to the title . 

Mr Hayae declared that this competition will cover the whole Morocco and promised that a casting will be held in Red Marrakesh after Ramadn . 

The Casablanca Designer Mahmoud El Alami , who is known as MAMO, that the criteria imposes sort of culture, knowledge , spots and awareness behaviour . 

As for Oumaima el Radaoui , 24 years old , from Saltat City who was crowned as Miss Caftan , emphasises that the selection shall take into account the academic qualifications . 

Winners of the title 

Khadija Tahir : Miss Morocco of Casablanca culture and heritage 

Aya Bouaziz : Miss top modél 

Majda El Hachimi :Miss caftan Casablanca.

Oumaima chinchan : Miss Hijab Models Casablanca.

In addition to some other participants who were liked by the committee without titles.