European To Keep The Lights On In Ukraine
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European To Keep The Lights On In Ukraine And Moldova

Europe Synchronizes their electricity grid with Ukraine and Moldova to ensure they have stable source of power

Today, the electricity grids of Ukraine and Moldova have been successfully synchronized with the Continental European Grid. This will help Ukraine to keep their electricity system stable, homes warm and lights on during these dark times. It is also a historic milestone for the EU-Ukraine relationship – in this area, Ukraine is now part of Europe.

This project has shown extraordinary cooperation and determination from everyone involved. I want to thank the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO E) for doing a year’s work in two weeks to make this happen. I want to thank the French Presidency of the Council and Member States for their support to this project that is not without risks. And I want to thank our Ukrainian partners – Minister Galushchenko and Ukrenergo in particular – for their heroic efforts in keeping the Ukrainian energy systems working in the middle of a terrible war.

The EU will continue to support Ukraine in the energy sector, by ensuring the reverse flows of gas to the country and the delivery of energy supplies that are badly needed. We are also looking forward to the time when we can continue our excellent cooperation on the green transition and market reforms.

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