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“Samer Ben khadra” receives the world streamers award as the most famous businessman

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Among 100 influencers,”Samer Ben khadra” ,receives the world streamers award.

Businessman “Samer ben Khadra”, is one of the most important influencers on social networking sites in the world, especially in the field of decoration and design of palaces, and he is a pioneer in this field.

Scientific and practical achievements in their lives, as much as “Ben Khadra” obtained from the knowledge, he pushed the country a step Going forward, we are undoubtedly proud of what he has done.

Influencer “Samer Bin Khadra”, owner of the famous social media page in the field of interior design for palaces and other things… and also shares his many followers on his accounts on (Social Media) Some of his ideas, studies and experiences gained in his field, and his wide fame, as he holds many certificates and awards, most notably:
World Live “Streamers Conference”
In the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates,it is one of the most wonderful and beautiful cities, as we always describe it, as it is the giant city in global culture.

The international interior designer “Samer Ben Khadra” expresses his thanks and gratitude to the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum” and the Crown Prince, His Highness Sheikh “Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum”, may God extend their life.

Ben Khadra” raises this effort to His Majesty King “Mohammed VI”, may God bless and support him.