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Exclusive Interview With Iconic Builder And Designer, Dr. Hamdan Al-Sweilem

Dr. Hamdan Al-Sweilem has built many of the most famous hotel brands around the world

Please dr, about your life?

Dr Hamdan Al-Sweilem is a successful businessman from the United Arab Emirates who immigrated to the country in 1977 and still calls it home. He also holds European citizenship. Dr Al-Sweilem studied Medicine and Business Administration at a prestigious University in Washington, D.C.

In an exclusive interview with Dr Al-Sweilem, we wanted to know the keys to his success and how it all began.

How was the beginning?

I started my career in Dubai in furniture manufacturing and interior decorating. After graduating, I began working in the furniture industry, where my skills gradually developed until I have reached what I’m now.

I have managed the implementation of landmark projects in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Russia and Britain, such as the Dubai International Airport, Fairmont Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Mövenpick Hotel, Hyatt Hotel and many other international hotels, restaurants, palaces and private yachts.

Who had the most influence in your life?

After the grace of God Almighty, I owe the credit to my father for my upbringing and for teaching me the principles of trade and management.

While working in the United Arab Emirates, I gained valuable experience learning how to manage big projects at the highest level. My vision was the implementation of projects of the highest quality to the specifications of international standards.

How would you describe your unique style dr “Hamdan”?

Praise be to God. He has provided me with a gift to create and manage beautiful things. I give credit to God for allowing me to reach a high level in my career that allows me to manage some of the largest projects in the world.

What projects have been the most challenging career path for you? And why?

Indeed, there have been several challenging projects, but I especially mention the Dubai International Airport project, where its implementation was conditional on adherence to the highest international standards, even in the smallest details.

Are you satisfied with yourself, and what are your future plans?

No limits for satisfaction. My ambition is the motive of my life and the source to reach the highest levels in my field of specialization and work.

What is your inspiration?

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is a source of inspiration to many because he has a future vision that the whole world has seen in transforming the impossible into a reality. He turned the desert into a global city where the world wishes to live.

What wisdom do you believe in?

The words of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan:
“There is no place in the future for those who lack science and knowledge.”

And the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum:
“We are not less than the first place.. and anyone who convinces himself that he does not deserve the first place, has written and condemned himself to failure from the beginning.”

What are your biggest strengths?
Will and determination

Is competition prevailing in your field of work and how do you deal with it?

Of course, competition is one of the reasons for success, and working with excellent quality is always the best way to compete.

What is your ultimate goal and how do you want people to remember you?

My goal is to be distinguished in my work by achieving high quality so that everyone I work with would remember me for the quality of my work, which rises to the highest level.