We rank Dreamhost as the Number #1 Hosting Company in the world because of its industry-leading standards, cost and customer service
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The Number #1 Hosting Company In The World Is…..

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We rank them the best hosting company in the world because of its industry-leading standards, low cost and first-class customer service.

If you want to build a website, DreamHost should be your first and only stop. The web hosting service provides a robust feature set that meets a wide range of personal and business web hosting requirements by providing shared, WordPress, virtual private server (VPS), cloud, and dedicated plans.

Furthermore, its website-building software provides web admins with simple tools for creating attractive, versatile sites. As a result, DreamHost is an Editors’ Choice award-winning web host, competing with HostGator, Hostwinds, and Liquid Web.

DreamHost also provides a low-cost month-to-month paying option. And if you require a dedicated server look no further. Your website will be hosted on its own server, allowing you to take advantage of all of the system’s resources. If your site is mission-critical and you don’t want it to go down or slow down, you should consider dedicated hosting.

Features on Dreamhost for beginners

  • WordPress website builder. DreamHost will install the core WordPress software and a drag-and-drop builder, and 200+ templates to enable you to create a great website rapidly.
  • One-click installer. In addition to the WordPress builder, an all-purpose installer allows you to install WordPress or other content management systems with a single click.
  • DreamHost created its own user-friendly hosting control panel to assist you in managing your sites.
  • Automatic WordPress updates. If you use WordPress, DreamHost will automatically update the core software for you.
  • Backups are performed automatically by DreamHost to ensure the safety of your data.
  • Free email hosting – DreamHost will host your email for free and walk you through the setup process. This does not refer to the cheapest tier; there is a little fee for adding email hosting to the cheapest tier.
  • Support is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The advantages of choosing and using DreamHost

  • Cost 

DreamHost’s pricing is lower than that of several other hosting companies. Get three years of hosting for just $2.59 a month, or forgo the long-term commitment and get it for as little as $1.99 per month. DreamHost also provides unlimited options for the same price as most other hosting services, such as unlimited storage. In short, the month-to-month option’s price offers flexibility that few other web hosting providers can match, and it could be excellent for you.

  • Security

While DreamHost’s email does not include anti-malware protection, it does a lot of things well in terms of security. One of them is how easy it is to access and update the control panel. htaccess file, where you manage who has access to the site and set passwords. This is something that you should have ready access to.

Furthermore, DreamHost provides the ability to restrict spiders for those areas of your website that you do not want search engines to index. We like DreamHost because it provides free SSL certificates, which adds an extra (and, in our opinion, crucial) protection for anyone selling things online or gathering any personal information from clients or customers. There’s more if that isn’t enough. DreamHost provides SSH and SFTP access, HTTP/2, PHP 7, and a firewall.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Speaking of guarantees, DreamHost has yet another excellent one to offer its customers. This service includes a 97-day money-back guarantee, which is something that almost no other web hosting service can claim. Your 97-day trial is risk-free, and you’ll get a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the service. In addition, if you are disappointed with the uptime, you can be compensated.

Please note that this cash guarantee is only valid for shared hosting plans purchased using a credit card or Google Pay.

  • Uptime

Uptime is critical in the web hosting experience. You don’t want your site to go down, but you want it to be back up and running quickly if it does. It isn’t very pleasant if people can’t discover your website because it’s down. Many tests were conducted to determine DreamHost’s stability, and the results show that DreamHost is a strong and dependable platform that hardly went down during the trial periods. It could have gone down once or twice in tens of thousands of tests.

DreamHost is so sure in its uptime that it provides a guarantee of 100 percent uptime. The only shared web host that offers such a robust guarantee is DreamHost. In addition, if your site ever falls, DreamHost will repay you for the time your site was offline. 

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

All DreamHost accounts come with unlimited bandwidth and storage. You can upgrade to a higher plan if you want limitless storage. The shared beginning plan has a storage restriction of 50 GB, while the unlimited plan has, well, limitless storage. However, keep in mind that there is a fair usage policy that prevents you from building file-sharing websites.

  • Simple to Use

Many people like DreamHost’s dashboard. It is modern and sleek, and the design was created with the user in mind. This is where you may get access to everything you need for your hosting. Unlike many other managed WordPress hosts, DreamHost does not employ the cPanel platform. Instead, they designed a bespoke control panel for everything related to your account.

  • Domain Name

 You get a free domain name registration when you buy a yearly (or longer) plan. This makes it simple to do everything in one location. However, keep in mind that the free domain is only available for the first year. A.com domain will cost $15.95 per year. After that, you can select from the most popular domain names available, including.com,.net,.blog,.shop,.org,.info, and others.

In conclusion, Dreamhost provides a user-friendly cPanel that even users with little technical knowledge can use. It will take you five minutes to install your WordPress blog. After a few years of running your site, if you require more hosting capacity (resources), you may rapidly upgrade to any of their high-end options, such as DreamPress, VPS, or a dedicated server.

Overall, we rank Dreamhost as the best hosting and full-service provider among the industry leaders. And with their moneyback guarantee, now is the right time so signup today. 

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