Norway Declares 3 Russian Diplomats' Persona Non-Grata
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Norway Declares 3 Russian Diplomats’ Persona Non-Grata

Russian diplomats are being expelled from European countries in solidarity with Ukraine

Norway declares three diplomats at Russia’s embassy in Oslo persona non grata. The three individuals have carried out activities that are incompatible with their diplomatic status.

‘This is a consequence of the appalling discovery of Russian forces’ crimes against civilians, in particular in the town of Bucha outside Kyiv. In this situation, we pay particular attention to unwanted Russian activities in Norway.

‘Together with our close allies and partners we will continue to stand together against Russian aggression and in our support for Ukraine’, said Minister of Foreign Affairs Huitfeldt.

Norway joins Greece and several other European countries to expel Russian diplomats as a show of solidarity with Ukraine. While western countries and their allies continue to impose new sanctions on Russia each day, Canada and the US have yet to expel their Russian diplomats.

Prime Minister Trudeau, indicated expelling Russian diplomats would merely be symbolic and could jeopardize the safety of Canadians working and living in Russia. And having Canadian diplomats still stationed in Russia will allow the government to stay abreast of situations arising firsthand.

With no end in sight to the illegal Russian invasion, the expulsion of Russian diplomats appears to be escalating across Europe.

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