French President Macron Leads Far-Right Le Pen After First Round Of Voting
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French President Macron Leads Far-Right Le Pen After First Round Of Voting

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Macron/Le-Pen will have a couple of weeks to convince the French population why they are the best choice to lead the country

After the first round of voting, Emmanuel Macron garnered 28% of the popular vote, while far-right candidate Le-Pen received 23%. To become President, a candidate must receive more than 50% of the votes. Since no candidate reached the 50% requirement, a showdown is set for April 24, 2022, for French citizens to decide who will lead their country.

Current President Macron is widely popular in the country and worked hard to strengthen France’s alliances with many world leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, UK’s Johnson, and continues to be a strong supporter of the European Union. 

His challenger Le-Pen is a far-right rhetoric-filled leader and lawyer of the National Rally Party. Her father and family members have deep roots leading to various far-right parties but have never held the presidency. 

To date, France has never elected a far-right candidate and does appear to do so in 2022. When we consider that the third-place candidate JeanLuc Antoine Pierre Mélenchon of the  La France Insoumise (LFI) party garnered 22% of the votes.

In the weeks to come leading up to the run-off votes, we can expect the rhetoric by Le-Pen to increase while Marcon keeps his focus on running the country and providing aid to the people of Ukraine. 

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