Ukraine Sinks Prized Russian Battleship Moskva
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Ukraine Sinks Prized Russian Battleship Moskva

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The Moskva becomes the second ship to be sunken by the Ukrainian military

The illegal invasion by Russia into Ukraine has not gone as expected. A war that is still being spun as a training exercise by Putin to rid the country of Nazis has been a catastrophic failure for the communist nation.

It’s been 50 days since the invasion of Ukraine, and President Zelensky is still in control of the country. The resistance of the people of Ukraine to remain a free nation has once again delivered a devastating military blow to Russia with the sinking of their prized guided-missile cruiser Moskva on the Black Sea.

According to sources, two Neptune missiles fired off the coast of Odessa and struck the Russian battleship on its port side. The impact ignited the explosive ordinates setting the ship ablaze. Leading up to the missile strikes on the Moskva, several drone attacks were carried out by the Turkish-made Bayraktar to destroy the ship’s radar tracking capabilities.

According to Russian state-controlled media, the ship’s explosion was the cause of an onboard fire not related to any Ukrainian missiles. As a result of the fire, all 500 crew members have been evacuated.

Seeing that this information was coming from the Russian state TV, it is presumed to be highly inaccurate. The sinking of the flagship of the Russian navy is an embarrassment to Putin’s Navy. It’s the second ship lost by the Kremlin since the start of the invasion.

In modern warfare, ships are rarely sunken when accompanied by a battle group. The Russian military continues to make multiple mistakes with its military strategies resulting in mass casualties.

Ukraine is proving to be a far more formidable opponent with the help of its European and Western allies. What this means for Russia, is a prolonged military campaign that will see them endure mass casualties without the surrendering of its people or its president.

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