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Nova Scotia Invests $2.5 Million Into Social Housing

Housing shortage across the country is at its all-time high

The government is investing $2.5 million to create a community housing growth fund to strengthen the sector and grow the number of non-profit housing units in Nova Scotia.

“Non-profit and co-operative housing play an important role in helping to create healthy, vibrant and affordable communities,” said Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Lohr. “Growing the sector is key to increasing the supply of affordable housing options and that means groups need the tools and expertise to oversee new developments and manage ongoing operations effectively. This delivers on the Nova Scotia Affordable Housing Commission’s recommendation to create a community housing growth fund.”

The Community Housing Transformation Centre will administer the program and allocate funds to approved projects over the next two years. Areas of focus include:

  • capacity building
  • planning and pre-development
  • research and innovation
  • creation of a new Provincial Non-Profit Housing Association.

The centre is very pleased to see this major project come to fruition. This is an important step forward in structuring community housing in Nova Scotia and we are proud to be part of it. Stephan Corriveau, Executive Director, Community Housing Transformation Centre

This is an exciting and essential development. It puts the province on a path in the right direction. Developing the capacity of the community housing sector is a central and key component to addressing affordable housing in Nova Scotia. Timothy Crooks, Executive Director, Phoenix Youth Programs; Board President, Canadian Housing and Renewal Association

The centre will also contribute $550,000 to support capacity building in the sector and the operational needs of the non-profit housing association. Selection committees, which will include representatives of the centre, Department of Municipal Affairs and Housing and the community housing sector, will review and approve projects. The program guidelines are in development and a call for proposals will be issued in the coming months.

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