Florida Governor DeSantis, Lands First Blow Against Mickey Mouse
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Florida Governor DeSantis, Lands First Blow Against Mickey Mouse

Florida House Legislature Strips Disney Of Its Special Status

For over 55 years, Disney Land in Florida has operated as a self-governing entity (special status) with the notion it would establish a futuristic city. Although the futuristic city is still up for debate, Disney is the largest landowner in Orlando and its biggest employer.

Today the Republican lead State legislature made good on Governor DeSantis’ threat and passed a Bill 70-38 in the Florida House to strip Disney of its special status.

Several weeks ago, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis acknowledged he would sign the “Don’t Say Gay” bill into legislation if passed. The Bill’s chief sponsor in the Florida Senate, Dennis K. Baxley, holds several outdated views of the LGBT2Q community and adamantly opposes same-sex parenting. The bill is another assault on the rights of the LGBT2Q community and would make it a crime for teachers to use the word ‘Gay” in schools.

The “Don’t Say Gay” Bill has been criticized by Disney’s CEO Robert Chapek, only after his LGBT2Q employees voiced their concerns. Chapek insisted the company initially refrained from putting out a statement to the media to avoid being misrepresented.

“I want to be crystal clear: I and the entire leadership team unequivocally stand in support of our LGBTQ+ employees, their families, and their communities. And, we are committed to creating a more inclusive company — and world,” Chapek wrote in a memo to staff. “

Chapek’s stand for equality enflamed Governor DeSantis and is a threat to his bid to become the GOP presidential candidate for 2024. As a retaliatory move, DeSantis help craft legislation to rescind Disney’s special status.

DeSantis’ war will Disney is not only near-sighted, but it’s also career suicide. Being that he has been the financial beneficiary of large political donations from Disney and their employees voted in favour of his gubernatorial candidacy, it is a fight he can not win.

As long as Trump still remains the choice of the Republican party, he will split the base among Floridians and risk further alienating himself from the insurrectionist president.

The road for DeSantis to becoming the GOP nominee is paved with horrendous bills and acts of human rights violations in order to appease the MAGA-loving Floridians.

There is no level of shame or humility that DeSantis will not stoop. He is a younger, more malleable politician being groomed by the GOP to replace Trump.

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