Robert Falcon-Ouellette, Frontrunner To Become Winnipeg's Next Mayor
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Robert Falcon-Ouellette, Frontrunner To Become Winnipeg’s Next Mayor

If elected, Dr. Falcon-Ouellette will break the city’s 85-year-old streak of only electing lawyers and businesspeople

The announcement by the current Winnipeg Mayor Brian Bowan back in October of 2020 that he will not seek re-election left the race wide open for anyone wanting the city’s top job.

For many months there has been speculation that the Honourable Dr. Robert Falcon-Ouellette would throw his hat into the race, but it was only last night when he made his intention known with a post on Facebook.

Should Dr. Falcon-Ouellette become the 44th city mayor, he will break an 85-year-old streak of Winnipeggers only electing lawyers and businesspeople to the position. The last time a doctor held the position of Mayor of Winnipeg was in 1937 with the election of Dr. Frederick Edgar Warriner from the faculty of dentistry.

Robert Falcon-Ouellette will have his work cut out with many pressing issues, from tackling the homeless crises, crumbling roads, and infrastructure, high crime rate, affordable transportation, reconciliation with the Indigenous community, police accountability, and so on.

“I love this city, that is why I’m running. I want to be a Mayor for everyone, regardless of where you live. I will work to make our city safer for all by ensuring everyone has a seat at the table ensuring decisions are being made in the best interest of the people of Winnipeg.” Said, Falcon-Ouellette

The never-ending list of items is a kilometre long for the incoming Mayor. They will have to address multiple collective bargaining agreements and the meth crises as they work to establish an amicable working relationship with the current Premier of the Government of Manitoba.

Luckily for Falcon-Ouellette, these challenges may seem daunting for many, but they are all manageable with proper planning and a strong team surrounding him. Because of his time spent with the federal government in multiple high-profile roles paired with his experience as a professor at several Universities, he is not only qualified; his impact will be felt on day one.

For example, being Chair of the meth crisis, Falcon-Ouellette was able to bring all three levels of government and key stakeholders together to bring forth viable solutions to address this vital issue head-on.

Falcon-Ouellette enters a race with already six candidates registered but is the highest-profile one to date. People tend to vote for candidates that can win, and Falcon-Ouellette can win, but he also checks the ideal candidate’s boxes. Educated, community leader, likable, name recognition, and has the necessary skills and experience to run a big city.

The race for Winnipeg’s Mayor just became interesting with Falcon-Ouellette’s entrance. His campaign will undoubtedly have an experienced team, be well funded, and an army of volunteers to help him become the city’s 44th Mayor come October.

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