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Manitoba’s Health Care System Reaches New Low

Manitoba’s latest healthcare crisis has seen staff lounges taken over to make room for patients

The cuts to Manitoba’s Health Care System have returned patient care to the hallways and now taken over the staff lounges. While Manitoba’s Minister of Health, Audrey Gordon, insists the situation is only temporary, she has not offered any concrete solutions to fix the issue.

It’s been over eight years since the Manitoba PC government first came to power; one thing they have made clear to Manitobans, healthcare is their Achilles heel.

With cuts to the healthcare system, closing of emergency rooms, extended hospital wait times, shortage of doctors, nurses, and an insurmountable backlog of surgeries a few South Dakota Miles long, it is hard for Manitobans to remain optimistic about their government’s ability to handle the healthcare crisis.

When staff members are being forced to vacate their safe space to make room for hospital patients, it’s just another slap in the face to frontline workers that have already endured so much within the last few years.

As of now, there does not appear to be a clear timetable as to when or how the Manitoba government will bring an end to hallway medicine and lounge medicine. Until that happens, Manitobans must continue to demand better from their government.

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