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Charest Wins First English Debate

Reading Time: 4 minutes The first all-candidates English debate for the Conservative Party leadership was filled with rhetoric and lots of promises Through the first Conservative debate, the public got their first assessment of the candidates’ positions and commitments on significant issues affecting Canadians. Every Candidate made lofty promises but fell short on specifics as to how they planned Read More…

Russia Threatens Finland As It Moves A Step Closer To NATO Membership
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Russia Threatens Finland As It Moves A Step Closer To NATO Membership

Reading Time: 2 minutes Finland and Sweeden are set to becoming the newest members of NATO Alliances For decades Russia and Finland had been bound to an international treaty that prevented the Nordic nation from becoming a member of NATO. With the illegal invasion of Ukraine in February and the Annexation of Crimea in 2014, Russia’s aggression in the Read More…

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New Firearm Regulations Set To Take Effect May 18 Of This Year

Reading Time: 2 minutes There has been a steady increase in gun violence year after year and recent mass shootings in Canada had the country calling for stricter gun laws By: Charlotte Hui Every year, the country continues to see a steady rise in firearm-related shootings, and according to Statistics Canada, 277 out of 743 murders in 2020 were Read More…

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Spain Launches 024, National Helpline For Mental Health

Reading Time: 2 minutes Spain is among several countries that are putting significant resources into mental health services Mental health is a priority objective of Spain’s public policies. It forms part of the Public Agenda to make it visible and end the stigmas and taboos around this illness. Far too many suffer in silence, and it’s time to bring Read More…