Chantae Robinson, Black Excellence Throughout Canada
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Chantae Robinson, Black Excellence Throughout Canada

Pillar of the community, Ms. Robinson, President of the Afro-Heritage Association of Sudbury

The most rewarding act of gratitude a person shows towards their community is their willingness to give their time and share their knowledge while continuing to emerge in its rich culture.

Throughout history, the great leaders all have one thing in common: the need to serve the greater good and do all you can to improve the lives of everyone they encounter. Those words are none more true when describing Ms. Chantae Robinson, President of the non-profit Afro-Heritage Association of Sudbury (AHA).

“Since its establishment in 2005, the AHA has been an integral part of the intricate tapestry of Canadian multiculturalism.” Said, Ms. Robinson

She added that the organization’s mission is to promote understanding, communication, cooperation, and cultural exchange between Afro-Canadians and members of the multicultural society to promote unity among the Afro-Canadian community.

In the nearly two decades of operation, its outreach activities and community involvement align with its core values and mission. The organization has implemented several programs that focus on helping Black entrepreneurs “The Northern Ontario Black Economic Empowerment Program” (NOBEEP) and The Afro-Heritage Association Youth Empowerment Program, emphasizing Youth mentorship and engagement.

As president of the organization, Ms. Robinson spoke about the importance of having a fantastic team working with her to serve the community’s needs. Like all true leaders, Ms. Robinson was extraordinarily humble and spoke only about the organization’s achievements made possible by the executive team, employees, volunteers, and the people of Sudbury.

Not to be downplayed, Ms. Robinson is a highly educated person and has completed a BSc. and MSc. in Biology at Laurentian University and is currently an MD student at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM).

The organization is just a few short years from celebrating its 20th anniversary, and Ms. Robinson could not underscore the importance of the contribution made by the Federal Government and the Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business and Economic Development.

AHA was one of several businesses representing the Black community to be recipients of the Black Ecosystem Fund. The goal of the Ecosystem Fund is to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem for Black entrepreneurs and business owners across Canada.

Through the continued work of the AHA, the community of Sudbury will continue to have strong, passionate people advocating on their behalf, with their best interest at heart.

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