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Laval Crowd Chanted Charest, Charest, Charest, In Second Leaders Debate

Reading Time: 2 minutes Jean Charest’s campaign picking up waves of supporters, while Poilievre continues his string of petulant attacks on his character and record as premier By: Charlotte Hui Last night, the six Conservative candidates vying to be the party’s next leader squared off in the second debate; Scott Aitchison, Roman Baber, Patrick Brown, Jean Charest, Leslyn Lewis, Read More…

Only In America Are Politicians Accepting Of Mass Shootings
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Only In America Are Politicians Accepting Of Mass Shootings

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s time for American politicians to stop blaming mass shootings on mental health and do their job of protecting the people they serve. According to every pro-gun politician in the United States, all gun violence and mass shootings are unavoided mental health issues. Mental health issues are not synonymous only within the United States; they Read More…

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Aspects of Language in Peter Drury’s Football Commentaries

Reading Time: 3 minutes Peter Drury, the man with the golden voice Peter Drury has one of the finest voices in football commentaries. The language of the English football commentator is poetic and charming, like the characters he often describes on the field of play. Rich in imageries and entertaining, it captures the imagination uniquely. He is a distinguished Read More…