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Chief Redhead The Favourite To Become Thompson’s Next MLA

The riding of Thompson has been without an MLA since December of 2021

Following today’s by-election, former Chief of Shamattawa, Eric Readhead, is poised to be the new Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) for Thompson Manitoba. The seat became available when NDP MLA Danielle Adams’ passed away in a car accident on December 9, 2021. 

Her passing was heartbreaking and left a community without representation. Chief RedHead is a prominent figure in Thompson and played an integral role in ensuring his community’s COVID-19 needs were not being ignored; he has garnered widespread support from voters.

Charlotte Larocque, the PC candidate, has strong ties to the community and would undoubtedly make a great MLA, but she is trying to win a seat with a deep history of voting for NDP candidates. The last prominent NDP MLA to hold this seat was Steve Ashton, who had it for nearly 15 years.

Liberal leader Dougald Lamont chose not to run a candidate out of respect for Adams. “If it were not for this tragic accident, Danielle would have held her seat until the next general election. Politics is politics, and Manitoba Liberals are committed to running strong candidates and strong campaigns in every Manitoba constituency in the next provincial general election.” Said Dougald Lamont, Liberal Leader.

Unless there is an unforeseen circumstance or meager voter turnout, Chief Eric Redhead is poised to be the victor and next MLA to serve the people of Thompson, Manitoba.

Image credit social media feed Chief Redhead/NDP

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