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Squires Opting Out Of Mayoral Race

Families Minister Rochelle Squires puts an end to any hopes of becoming Winnipeg’s next Mayor

For months, Rochelle Squires, Manitoba’s Minister of Families, have been laying the groundwork for a possible run to be Winnipeg’s next Mayor. According to multiple sources, Squires had already informed Premier Stefanson of her intent to resign as Minister and would announce her entrance into the Mayoral race at a scheduled press conference on Thursday, June 9th, 2022.

In a statement released by Squires today, she will not pursue the Mayorship, citing personal and political events that transpired over the week. 

“Many things have happened in both my personal and political lives this week that have caused me to pause and seriously reconsider if the timing is right to launch a bid to become the Mayor Winnipeg.”

“Though I will disappoint many who have strongly encouraged and supported me, I have decided to focus on my family and continue my role helping Manitobans as the Minister of Families.” Said Squires

Squires’ decision not to resign from the PC Cabinet gives Stefanson some breathing room for now. If she had resigned, it would have been the second high-profile Minister to leave the party within days.

According to multiple sources, Squires could become Deputy Premier or be shuffled out as the Minister of Families to become the new Minister for Natural resources and Northern Development, left vacant with Monday’s resignation of Scott Fielding. 

The Premier’s office has not confirmed who will replace Fielding nor whether Squires’ role will change or remain the same. The Manitoba PCs have internal things to sort out, which could have been the catalyst for hiring Pallister’s former chief of staff to steer the ship. However, that hiring would likely be short-term.

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