40 Black-led Organizations Gather For Historic National Conference
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40 Black-led Organizations Gather For Historic National Conference

The conference is a combination of recipients of the Black Ecosystem grant and other business community leaders that put an emphasis on seeing Black businesses excel.

Starting a business can be terrifying; starting a business as a black entrepreneur in Canada is twice as scary. Unlike many other cultures within Canada, most black entrepreneurs do not derive from generational wealth; most are first or second-generation immigrants with dreams of living a comfortable life.

Although there are many business start programs within Canada and opportunities for financing for small enterprises, they do often come with monumental hurdles to overcome to be considered for any funding.

Today 40 Black-led Business Support Organizations and recipients of the Federal Government’s Black Ecosystem Fund gather for the first-ever national conference. A combination of 200 professionals and business leaders in attendance is a strong signal that the black business community is setting their community on a collision course for financial and funding success.

The Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN), a recipient of the Black Ecosystem Fund and one of Canada’s leading organizations for mentoring Black Businesses, will Chair the conference.

“Since 2017, the Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) has played a pivotal role in assisting businesses within the Black community thrive and reach their full potential. We are honoured to chair the Black Ecosystem conference of 2022.”. Said Ryan Knight, Executive Director of the Afro Caribbean Business Network

ACBN is one of the most visible and active organizations that has prioritized getting funds from the Black Ecosystem to flow into the black businesses. Whether hosting the Morning Vibe show twice a week or providing black entrepreneurs mentorship and business guidance, they have been instrumental to the success of many black-led businesses.

Throughout the next two days of the conference, the black business community will be in a better position to overcome many financial and historical hurdles that often impede their chance of success.

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