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The January 6th Committee’s Evidence Against Trump Is Building A Compelling Cast For Indictment

Firsthand eyewitness accounts could lead to Former President Trump’s indictment

January 6, 2021, is a day that will go down in American history as the day a sitting president incited an insurrection. The start of the new year saw citizens storm the US Capitol Building to overturn the election. They attacked, damaged, and scared the whole nation with their actions. What would cause these citizens to go this far? Just a few months earlier, the country elected Joe Biden as the new president of the United States, meaning that Trump would be leaving office.

After the election, rumors began spreading like wildfire that Trump won the election. The country was already in a high-intense atmosphere due to Covid-19, BLM protests, and the overall election stress.

Trump refused to concede the election and had his people begin a misinformation campaign that the Biden people tampered with the votes. These accusations heavily affected some people, especially those on the losing side.

In June, Congress began to hold live hearings to determine the previous president’s involvement in the January 6 deadly attack. In the hearing on June 21, Chairman Bennie Thompson and Representative Adam Schiff took to the stand and questioned the witnesses about events leading up to January 6. This included four witnesses; Rusty Bower, an Arizona House Speaker; Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State; and Gabe Sterling, the Georgia Secretary of State. Finally, the last panel was Wandrea Moss, an election worker in Georgia. 

All the witnesses painted a vivid picture of the extent Trump and his people went through to steal the election. The hearings highlighted the accusations of ballot fraud by the president and his lawyers. A video from William Barr, former US Attorney General, was played for the committee, where he said there was no foul playing.

In addition, former acting US attorney general Richard Donoghue noted that the evidence did not support the “Major allegations.”

With this information, it is clear that Trump had made false claims about the voting process being fraudulent. Even with this knowledge, Trump and his team pushed the false lies through social media, speeches, and commercials.

The Jan. six committee provided significant evidence showing the Trump campaign’s fake elector scheme. This plan was to have alternate electors cast votes in states Trump lost during the election, but ultimately Vice President Pence did not go through with the plot and accepted the will of the people.

The committee was able to show Trump wanted to stop counting votes and not certify the winner, and when that did not work, he ramped up his claim of election fraud. He took to social media, publicizing the legislators’ contact information and urging citizens to get in touch to encourage them to do the right thing and change the vote.

The committee played phone calls, angry voice messages, and first-hand testimonies recounting threats of violence made toward election workers. It also included text messages and documents sent back and forth between multiple people connected to the Trump campaign. The information provided is enough to allow citizens to look deeply into the former president’s involvement in the deadly insurrection.

“Image credits to January 6th Committee’s  Social Media”