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Top 5 Places To Eat In Edinburgh, Scotland

With a rich culture and bustling city, there are so many great places to stop at when visiting Edinburgh.

1 The Fishmarket Newhaven- Traditional fish and chips

When you think of the United Kingdom and food, the classic fish and chips will always come up. The Fishmarket Newhaven is the best place in Edinburgh to enjoy delicious, affordable fish and chips. The restaurant offers dine-in and take-out services for the convenience of its customers. And for those that choose to eat in, the restaurant is just a few feet away from the dock—the perfect spot to enjoy a meal and take in the scenic views.

The battered haddock is fantastic and only eight pounds if you want the most basic introduction to this Scottish dish. However, they have many options, including lobster, scampi, squid, and even cauliflower for those who maybe be vegetarian. The atmosphere is lovely and tranquil sitting by the water with a nice view of historic buildings.

2 La Locanda- Italian

It is best to make reservations as it is a popular place and hard to walk in for a seat.

They have both vegetarian and gluten-free options. The atmosphere is enchanting and classy. It is more expensive than most restaurants, but the food, drinks, and location are worth it.

The restaurants offer both inside and outside seating, and the staff is delightful. They have all types of antipasti traditional Italian meals to choose like the classic Italian main dishes Bolognese, ravioli, meatballs, and more. They have an extensive dessert menu and serve fresh gelato as well. This is an excellent place for anyone willing to spend a bit more to enjoy a fantastic meal.

3 Baba- Spanish Tapas

Baba is the place to stop if you are craving some Spanish food. This restaurant has a great menu filled with nuts, scallops, hummus, lamb, steak, and a fully stocked bar with everything needed to accompany your meal. The colorful decor is a fusion of Edinburgh with Spanish flair.

The food is fantastic and packed with flavor. Some local favorites are the cauliflower fritters, the platers of hummus, and the Iberico pork neck dish. The prices are fair, not too expensive with a high of £15 for the main dish and £5 sides. There are feasting options that allow you to split with others, and because of the portion size, the prices are a bit higher.

4 Pizza 1926- Pizza, Italian

This is the best pizza in Scotland! There are about 13 mouth flavoring options for pizzas, with prices ranging from 10-13 pounds.

This cozy pizza has a friendly environment and something for everyone.

The pizzeria was established in 1926, the same year the Napoli football club was formed. The owner was a big fan, took inspiration from the sport, and catered to many football fans. The most famous player to visit the pizzeria was Diego Maradona, who has made the restaurant a tourist attraction.

5 Angles with Bagpipes- Scottish food

They serve more traditional Scottish foods, such as haggis, potatoes soups, chicken liver, and more. These types of food are local dishes for people who want to try some authentic Scottish dishes. They also serve a variety of meats and delectable desserts. It is best to make a reservation in advance as they are not open Monday to Wednesday and book up quickly.