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“Freedom Convoy” Leader Tamara Lich Rearrested For Violating Bail Conditions

Lich is back in jail and will appear in front of an Ontario court on Wednesday

Tamara Lich, on Monday night in Medicine Hat, Alta., was remanded in custody and will be returned to Ottawa next week. Lich organized the “Freedom Convoy” across Canada and blocked downtown Ottawa and parliament for three weeks in January and February. Lich faces charges of mischief, counselling mischief, obstructing police, counselling to obstruct police, counselling intimidation, and intimidation by blocking and obstructing one or more highways.

Lich’s defense attorney Eric Granger said he had no reason to believe his client had done anything wrong. “Based on everything we knew, she’s been diligently complying with all of her bail conditions as was noted by the judge at her recent bail review,” Granger said.

Lich was released on bail in March on the condition that she could not organize or take part in any future protests, stay away from social media, and not be in contact with other convoy leaders.

In early June of 2022, the Justice Centre awarded Lich the freedom award for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) while she was locked up. Later that month, an Ottawa judge changed her bail, allowing her to travel to Ontario to attend the awards ceremony in Toronto, but banning her from entering the capital Ottawa.

However, on June 17, Lich posted a photo on her Facebook from the JCCF gala, including another convoy organizer, Marazzo. The Medicine Hat Police Service has not released details of Lich’s arrest.