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Why Is Sterling The Happiest Place To Live In Scotland?

Sterling is a town with 37,700 and they are happy.

There are many beautiful and extraordinary towns in Scotland; however, there is one that tops the list of the happiest place to live; Sterling, Scotland. Sterling is a town with 37,700 residents and a prime location about an equal distance from Glasgow and Edinburgh- the two major cities in Scotland. 

In the annual Happy at Home Index conducted by Rightmove, they concluded that Sterling ranked the number one happiest place in Scotland. Not only did they top the charts of all of Scotland, but they came in sixth throughout the entire United Kingdom.

To acquire these ranks, Rightmove describes the happiness of a town by five criteria: community, the feeling of belonging, friendlessness, other residents, and the ability to be yourself. The outcome of the assessment shows that the people who live in Sterling feel content and find themselves belonging to a friendly, welcoming community.

A lot of things can affect the way a community runs, and the infrastructure of Sterling allows it to reach the top. In 2021, Stirling, Dunblane High School ranked fifth out of all the high schools in Scotland, as determined by test exams. In addition, the University of Sterling is held in high esteem and has a 97% employment rate. This further shows that Sterling cares about their residents and community by providing top education for its children.

Sterling is also a place filled with historical monuments, breathtaking architecture, and a richly diverse town. On top of a dormant volcano, the Sterling Castel sits, along with a memorial of William Wallace- a Scottish National Leader. The quaint town streets inhabit many fantastic restaurants and places to eat. It is also a big tourist spot that contributes significantly to the economy. The community also includes high-tech manufacturers and large business corporations, making it a place of job opportunities.

Sterling, Scotland, is a town that has it all. A tight-knit community, friendly residents, and a scenic view make this town the happiest place to live in all of Scotland.