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Key Takeaways From Trudeau’s G7 Meeting In Elmau Germany

Talks about the attack on Ukraine, climate change, gender equality, and Covid-19

On June 28, 2022, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, assembled with other nation’s leaders for the G7 Summit in Elmau, Germany. In this Summit, the leaders discussed many topics ranging from support for Ukraine, gender equality issues, climate change, and Covid-19. Leaders from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and several partnering countries were present for this yearly occasion. These leaders believe they “must continue to act together to defend peace, security, human rights, and democracy.” 

The war on Ukraine and its effects were discussed extensively. The leaders talked about support for the people of Ukraine and possible ways to lessen Russia’s military aggression. Trudeau declared $151.7 million to support Ukraine to help with any humanitarian aid. In addition, the Prime Minister added Canada would be giving a $200 million loan to Ukraine for any other urgent matters and needs. On April 9, the Prime Minister gave $73 million for additional aid, which has since passed to the countries surrounding Ukraine.

There have been many changes to the economic landscape because of the invasion by Russia. At the G7 Summit, the leaders voiced concern about the prices of food and fuel, which is having a negative global effect. The leaders committed additional funding to combat these issues to protect those most vulnerable.

The leaders continued to propose ways to help support Ukraine while limiting Russia’s Power. The Prime Minister expressed adding new sanctions on 34 supporters of the illegal war. In addition, Canada is contributing further by banning exports that may help Russia continue its ways. Sanctions and banning exports are hoped to damage Russia’s economic standing and leave them with inadequate funds to continue their assault on Ukraine.

The leaders address climate change issues hoping to quicken the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Further, they talked about ways to transition their economies smoothly into renewable energy and low-carbon societies.

The nation’s leaders want to ensure more accessible access to COVID-19 vaccines in developing countries. Canada has already committed $2 billion and has had a prominent role in therapeutics.

Despite all the troubling issues impacting the world, it is helpful to see the world leaders taking action and providing assistance where necessary.

“Image from Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz Social Media”