Ketanji Brown Jackson, Sworn In As 1st Black Women Supreme Court Justice
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Ketanji Brown Jackson, Sworn In As 1st Black Women Supreme Court Justice

President Biden fulfills a campaign promise to put a Black woman on the Supreme Court of America

Today, US Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert’s sworn-in Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as its 104th member of the Court. Since its formation on September 24, 1789, there have been 17 Chief Justices of the United States and 103 Associate Justices in the court’s history. And in that time, there has never been a Black Woman to serve on the nation’s highest court. 

Jackson’s confirmation in April was not only historic; right-wing nutcases and Republican talking heads organized protests and engaged in a fake news campaign questioning her qualifications but were unsuccessful. America has always been and will continue to be a country with racism in its DNA. If it were not for the colonial virus pumping through its veins, more black and minority judges would be appointed to the bench. 

Jackson replaces Justice Stephen Breyer, who had announced his retirement earlier within the year. Biden has fulfilled a campaign promise to appoint the first Black woman to the Supreme Court should he be elected. When Biden made that promise, he was trailing in the primaries, and it was Black women that voted in droves in support of his candidacy.

Justice Brown Jackson’s qualifications and temperament prove she belongs on the Supreme court. However, if you tuned into her confirmation hearing, you would think differently about the humiliating and racial vitriol that came out of the mouth of the Republican Senators.

Instead of judging her on her merit, they chose to attack her using a series of racial slurs and dog-whistle comments. However, they once again failed to break her spirit. Not only did Justice Brown Jackson look them in the eye and defend her record, but she also did it with a smile.

The only time the world saw a few tears from Justice Brown Jackson was when New Jersey Senator Booker praised her for being an exemplary role model and Justice.

Justice Brown Jackson’s confirmation vote when as expected, along party lines, with 3 Republicans breaking rank with their party and voting on merit. With Justice Jackson’s confirmation to the country’s highest court, a glass ceiling will once again be shattered for Black women in America.

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