Will Scotland Become Independent In 2023?
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Will Scotland Become Independent In 2023?

The Frist Minister of Scotland plans to propose a second referendum to take place in 2023

On June 28, 2022, in London, England, the First Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, declared her intentions to conduct a second referendum. A referendum for Scotland would mean the people could vote for Scotland’s independence from Great Britain.

Scotland’s independence from Great Britain was rejected in 2014 when they conducted the first referendum. 55% of Scotland’s people voted against leaving Great Britain, while 44% voted for it. They voted to stay and reap the benefits of belonging to a larger government and nation.

What makes the people in charge think now is the time to revisit the idea of Scottish independence?

In 2014, when the first referendum took place, the United Kingdon was still a part of the European Union (E.U). However, in 2016, the U.K exited the E.U. Many Scottish people did not want this exit from the E.U (commonly known as Brexit). Because the separation has come to fruition, the Scottish Parliament believes this may sway the people to support independence.

While Brexit may be a helpful push for citizens to support another referendum, there are the original reasons why Scotland wants its independence in the first place.

The referendum comes down to the power and control that the Scottish government has over itself. Over the years, more management and decision-making have been transferred to the Scottish parliament. However, a few remain under the control of the Westminister Parliament in England. This included decisions on diplomacy, defense, and currency. The people in favor of independence do not want their issues going through Westminister and prefer handling all Scottish fallacies through their government.

There have also been talks of Scotland wanting to enter the E.U once they separated from Great Britain. Joining the E.U would be challenging as it has different currencies, rules, and regulations.

Even though the first referendum was denied, the first Minister hoped to get consent from the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Under an agreement signed by both nations, neither the U.K. nor the Scottish governments’ Parliaments cannot unilaterally end the Union.

However, if the U.K parliament approved, the case would go to the Upper Court, and in October of 2023, there would be an independence vote. However, as of now, Boris Johnson believes this referendum has no priority and thinks the vote in 2014 was the final decision. Based on Johnson’s response, it seems unlikely that the referendum will take shape in court.

Deciding to separate from a nation would take a massive effort, and a lot would change if this did pass. It is causing a significant split in the Scottish people, dividing it between those that wish to remain in the U.K with security and support and those that want independence and the ability to make choices for themselves.