Mariya EL amraoui

Meet The Successful Tunisian Ines Ben Rejeb Dardour serves her organization— with a smile

It’s a good thing Ines was blessed with a big, bright smile because the woman people call “Ms. Optimism” is seldom without one. So, who is Ines?

“Ines Ben Rejeb Dardour” – is a Tunisian Woman who has worked in the media field for over 15 years in the GCC. She has occupied the role of Media Sales Manager for various big companies, including Fashion and Lifestyle Portals, Digital media, and Print, and recently, she held the position of Media Director at the leading ICT and technology Media and events services where she holds a solid reputation as the sassy Tunisian among the ICT / Technology market.

Her commitment to the community is so much a part of her identity that she landed “big names” as clients namely, Infoblox, Atos, Trend Micro, Dell, Akamai, Schneider, and so many more.

Previously, she created a Tunisian Online Magazine for Tunisian Expats in Dubai as she has been living and serving as a Media Guru in Dubai for the past 15 years, which makes her an example of successful Tunisian Women in the GCC competing with other nationalities and gender in her field.

Ines is handling advertising and events for the ICT and technology clients in different countries apart from the UAE such as KSA, Qatar, and Turkey. Covering Mena region as well as Asia and Africa.

Lately, Ines handled 2 big BTX events in KSA and UAE which were held on 27th and 29th of June. The UAE one was HELD UNDER THE PATRONAGE OF The Private office of H.H. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamadan Al Nahyan with the presence of Business and IT decision makers driving transformation / C-suite executives of transformational enterprises / Visionary government and public sector executives / Aspiring government, public sector.

Currently, she is working on a bigger event ​ The World CIO 200 Summit 2022 which will be a 40-country roadshow including all GCC and North Africa and will be held during the months of July – November 2022. 

​Ines’s fierce personality comes from experience. Well admired in her field of work, she is equally admired at home by her family. With the support of her husband and the warmth of her son’s hugs, she gets up every morning to be a role model, and mainly to conquer the world.