Chief RoseAnne Archibald, A Once In A Generation Leader
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Chief RoseAnne Archibald, A Once In A Generation Leader

Chief Archibald’s desire for the best future for the Indigenous community and Canada as a whole, is inspiring the nation

Becoming a trailblazer and defender of truth, democracy, fairness, and all things sacred is never easy. So to believe Chief Archibald’s ascension to the top job would be one met without challenges would be naive.

Being the first to do anything will always be a path few travel and the ones that do so, know it’s done with optimism, a sense of blind faith, and an audacity to succeed. And at a certain point along Chief Archibald’s journey, there was a point of no return. For her, that point was months before putting her name on the ballot at 23, becoming the first woman and youngest Chief elected for Taykwa Tagamou Nation (T.T.N.) in 1990.

To put your name on a ballot is one of the most challenging things a person could ever do. You are putting yourself in the public eye for scrutiny, public attacks, and often an invasion of privacy of the candidate and those closest to them.

Knowing that and being engulfed in a legacy of Indigenous politics and a long lineage of band leaders and Chiefs, Archibald was ready to take her place among those destined for greatness. Fast forward three decades later, Grand Chief Archibald occupies the top position acting as the voice of Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

That voice has become more audible daily, calling for a renewed vigor towards reconciliation, justice, and equality for her community. Chief Archibald’s passion for change, transparency of the A.F.N, and the need to enact meaningful transformation within her organization put her at odds with the establishment.

On the precipice of change, the attempt to silence Chief Archibald fizzled as fast as it was ignited. The desire by several wanting her resignation as she attempts to bring forth monumental changes in transparency and accountability is a clear reminder of the steep rock and obstacles that will emerge in the face of change.

Chief Archibald’s action throughout this ordeal has been steadfast, and her show of resilience is a determination of a person that will never give up on her people as the dream of a more prosperous and inclusive future has not fully materialized.

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