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Former Presidential Candidate and New Jersey Governor To Lead New Party

The Forward Party becomes America’s third largest party by resources

Yesterday, the Forward Party, the Renew America Movement, and the Serve America Movement announced merging the three organizations to create a new transformational American political party under one mane: Forward. This new party will be co-chaired by former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang and Christine Todd Whiteman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey.

The Renew America Movement (RAM) began in 2017 as the Stand-Up Republic to encourage people to protect our democracy and put the country over the party. “Together we can renew America” is their motto. RAM consists of people who are tired of radicalism in politics and are ready to be the change they want to see. They take action in three ways: the people, the policies, and the process. Because this organization includes Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, they can shift the balance of power from the inside.

The Serve America Movement (SAM Party) was established in 2017 by current and former Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, to build a new kind of political party that puts people at the heart of the political process. In this organization, they value honesty and transparency. We live in a diverse world with diverse people, which leads to many different opinions. SAM puts efforts into building a party that asks questions instead of top-down answers.

Forward Party plans on fighting for the American people with a practical, common-sense solution to bring people together. At Forward, their core principles are free people, thriving communities, and vibrant democracy.

To show that they are different from the other parties, here are some of their promises:

  • The Forward party will welcome new ideas and fearless conversations around the issues of the day. Diverse thinking is required.
  • The Forward party will empower leaders to find solutions that work in their communities instead of a one size fits all solution. Bottom-up, not top-down.
  • The Forward party will encourage and accept anyone willing to set aside their partisan ways into their party. No more division between the Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.
  • The Forward party will work for the community, not the other way around. More listening, less talking.
  • The Forward party believes in collaboration and will strive for collaborative solutions and keeping track of the progress, making sure the solution is working for all. Working together, not against.
  • The Forward party will approach each other with grace and tolerance. No more yes men but accepting that we are all different and should all be treated with respect.

The new Forward party is launching a national building tour this fall to hear from voters and begin laying the groundwork for expanded state-by-state party registration and ballot access, relying on the combined nationwide network of the three organizations. They plan on achieving legal recognition in 15 states by the end of 2022, 30 states in 2023, and almost all U.S. states by 2024. While Forward won’t have any of its candidates in the 2022 midterm election, they will be supporting select candidates that stand up for Forward’s type of democracy.