It's Time Canadian Senators Were Elected And Not Appointed
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It’s Time Canadian Senators Were Elected And Not Appointed

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The system for choosing who sits in the Red Chamber is antiquated

Canadians deserve better representation in their Senate. They deserve senators who are elected, not appointed. It’s time for Canadians to stop empowering unelected appointees who often make party-based decisions. Despite asserting themselves as non-partisan individuals, their voting history on specific Bills would suggest otherwise.

It’s time for a change in Canadian politics. For too long, Senators have been appointed to the upper chamber of Parliament rather than being elected by the people. This needs to change if Canada is to have a truly representative democracy.

The process by which Senators are appointed is undemocratic, often resulting in favouritism and patronage. This is not how a democracy should function. Canadians need politicians accountable to the people, elected them, not to the Prime Minister or any other party leader.

Elected senators would be more accountable to the voters and less likely to engage in self-serving behaviour. They would also be more likely to reflect the diversity of our country, as they would be drawn from all regions and walks of life.

In a democracy, the people are supposed to have a say in who governs them. That’s why we have elections. But in Canada, Senators are not elected. The Prime Minister appoints them. This means Canadians have no say in who represents them in the Senate. And it’s time for that to change.

The Senate was never meant to be democratically elected. It was created to represent the interests of regions and minority groups. But since it has the same power as the House of Commons, it should be accountable to the people.

Due to the current appointment system, the Senate does not reflect the country’s population. It’s time for reform in Canadian politics, and that starts with electing everyone serving in the Red Chamber and imposing term limits. If not, the implications for democracy without democratic elections is blasphemy.

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