It's Time For Term Limits In All Levels Of Politics
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It’s Time For Term Limits In All Levels Of Politics

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Lifetime appoints or unlimited terms only erode the political institutions

It’s time politicians have term limits. Too many are indebted to lobbyists and big corporations. We need new blood in the office, people not beholden to special interests. Politicians should serve the people, not themselves. All elected government bodies should institute term limits and put country and the people that elected them first.

It is a prevailing thought favoured by many who believe that politicians should have term limits. The main reason is that too many immoral politicians only care about themselves and the big corporations. They don’t care about the people they are supposed to be representing. Hopefully, more honest and caring people would be elected into office if there were term limits.

The relationship between politicians and big corporations has increased over the past few years. This is because they are allowed to stay in office for long periods during which they can amass a great deal of power. If they have this power, they can use it to advance their interests rather than the people they are supposed to represent.

Term limits would help to prevent this by ensuring that politicians only serve for a set amount of time, after which they would have to step down. This would make it much harder for them to become corrupt as they would not have the same level of power and influence. It is time for politicians to be subject to term limits so that we can ensure that they are working for the people’s best interests.

Although many citizens see the practicality of this notion of imposing term limits, the majority of elected officials disagree. They insist they are the only option or still require more time to implement the people’s will.

Change takes time, and the degree of change is objective and hard to measure or quantify. If term limits are not implemented, democratic institutions will continue to erode to a point where the government’s governing principles are chaos, lies, and fake news.

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