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Kansas A Very Conservative State, Voted To Uphold Women’s Right To An Abortion

Kansas is the first State in America to put abortion rights on the primary election ballot

August 2, 2022, was a big day in Kansas. The Primary Elections took place, and a proposed amendment to the state’s abortion laws caused one of the most significant turns out of the decade.

The United States Supreme court voted to overturn Roe vs. Wade in the past month. That meant there was no longer federal government protection for the right to have an abortion. Now it is up to the individual state legislatures to determine the laws around abortion. In Kansas, the people had the opportunity to take their stand during the primary election.

The amendment was “The Value Them Both” and, if passed, would allow state legislators to restrict and even ban abortion. However, the amendment did not pass, meaning that the right to abortions in Kanas is still protected. The outcome showed that more than 61% of voters selected “no” on this proposed question.

A vote of this magnitude cannot be overstated. The State of Kansas is a sold red conservative state and has not elected a president in over 50 years. There state house and senate are controlled by Republicans. The message of not suppressing women’s rights should be a clear single to the Washington Republicans, who are set on the idea they know what’s best for the women in the country.

The actual wording of the amendment is confusing and could be misleading. Usually, the simplest is best so that the majority of people can understand; however, the language of this amendment could be seen as purposefully roundabout.

A vote “yes” would mean that there would be “no constitutional right to abortion or to require the government funding of abortion,” and a vote “no” would mean that the person voting thinks there is.

If the amendment did pass, the state government would be able to make restrictions and bans on abortion. There was talk that a prohibition in Kansas would deem it a crime to get an abortion after fertilization. The voters stopped that from happening, and now there are procedures up to 22 weeks of pregnancy.

The rest of America is waiting for their turn to vote. Next up are California, Vermont, Montana, Kentucky, and Michigan. However, not every state will have a question or proposed amendment that would either be for or against abortion laws. As the weeks continue, more and more states will make their moves, and the battle on abortion rights will continue in America. This past Tuesday was a step forward in protecting women’s rights.

It should not take a vote to decide if the rights of women should be protected. With the Midterms just months away, and if the trend of voting to protect the rights of a woman to choose what they can do with their body continue in their favour, the fall midterms are looking gloomy for the Republican party.