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Scotland Checks All The Boxes For A Perfect Summer Vacation

The country is rich in architecture and friendly to tourists

Scotland is a great place to visit as an American. It checks all the boxes of a fun destination for a holiday or vacation. It has impressive sights to see, history to learn, and culture to explore.

There are endless things to do and see in Scotland, such as visiting the Capital city of Edinburgh or the second largest, Glasgow. A popular thing to do is taking day tours to the lowlands or the highlands and visiting Loch Ness or smaller towns that offer spectacular views. The cities all contain unique architecture and cobblestone streets lined with shops and cute restaurants.

The cities have options for everyone. The restaurants are extensive, providing Indian, Asian, Italian, Greek, and American food. The cities are not huge, so it may help new travelers going overseas for the first time. The signs are simple and easy to follow, and public transport is clean and safe. Public transportation is a lot different than in the United States, so when in the U.K, most people will take buses and trains.

For a place like Scotland with a history spanning 3,000 years, people from America might find that completely fascinating. Some tours take you all around through the city or to smaller towns. Some of these towns and cities have castles that allow you to walk around and learn about history. There are also witch, ghost, and haunted tours, bringing visitors a spooky, fun option.

One of the best things about traveling is experiencing other cultures. In Scotland, you will see signs of their culture everywhere. In Edinburgh, people are walking around wearing kilts, people in the streets playing bagpipes, and lots of shops selling whiskey and beer. You will also see people just living their everyday lives, walking their dogs, working, and being with their families.

Scotland is a lovely place to see and visit. Americans and all are welcomed and receive smiles from those who live there. There is much to gain from a trip to the beautiful country of Scotland.