The race to become Winnipeg’s next mayor continues with fourteen candidates now in the running!
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Crowded Field With 14 Candidates Running For Winnipeg’s Mayor

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The race to become Winnipeg’s next mayor continues with fourteen candidates now in the running!

The current list of candidates includes:

  • Jennifer Motkaluk
  • Don Woodstock
  • Christopher Clacio
  • Scott Gillingham
  • Rick Shone
  • Robert-Falcon Ouellette
  • Shaun Loney
  • Idris Ademuyiwa Adekakun
  • Rana Bokhari
  • Desmond Thomas
  • Glen Murray
  • Jessica Peebles
  • Kevin Klein
  • Govind Thawani

Gowind Thawani became the 14th individual to register a run for mayor this coming Fall last week. Thawani is Managing Director for Sterling O & G International Corporation.

There are also rumours that Russ Wyatt will be joining the mayor candidates race soon. Wyatt represented Transcona on the Winnipeg City Council from 2002 to 2018.

Winnipeg’s current Mayor Brian Bowman is not running for re-election this year, and the list of candidates seems to be longer when there is no incumbent on the ballot.

A larger pool of candidates running for mayor is not new for Winnipeg, but it allows voters to be more decisive, critical and strategic about their vote – this is why campaigns are crucial for a candidate to gain victory.

“I think we need to build on and improve some of the positive work that’s happened at the city hall over the past eight years, and I’m excited by the prospect of hearing from candidates both for mayor, but also for members of council and how they continue to build Winnipeg for the future and create a city in which we can all be proud to call home,” said Mayor Bowman during a news conference when asked about the election.

The first candidate to register with the city to run for mayor was Jenny Motkaluk, a business consultant who had run in the last municipal election in 2018, coming second to current Mayor Brian Bowman with 36 percent of the vote.

“I’m running for Mayor because I believe that we, as Winnipeggers, have the power to do amazing things together,” shared Motkaluk through her Twitter account.

Candidates running for mayor will need to formally complete a nomination process by September 20 to appear for the ballot on October 26.