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Amid Crypto Winter Maximus Coin (MXZ) is listing on P2PB2B & Coinsbit Crypto Exchanges

Maximus Tech is all set to relist its Maximus Coin (MXZ) on Coinsbit and P2PB2B exchanges after a successful rebranding phase and the change in its name from M-coin to Maximus Coin. Maximus tech first plans to open the MXZ/USDT Trading pairs for both the exchanges. Maximus Coin (MXZ) listing with both the crypto exchanges on 11 August, 2022 at 7:00 (GMT+5:30) is confirmed. Anyone looking to participate and own MXZ are required to register on P2PB2B or Coinsbit exchanges by visiting their official exchanges and upon completing the KYC one can take part in trading of MXZ/USDT pairs. Exchange Official Links: & With ongoing development, Maximus Tech is utilizing this crypto winter period developing technology and its product ecosystem while planning to build a strong user base over the remaining 2 quarters of 2022. Let’s Dive into the details of how this Dubai based blockchain startup is going to be an important contributor in the web3.0 ecosystem.

With its mission to grow as a global crypto company MAXIMUS COIN (MXZ) has strategic launch plans further. Initially it plans to focus on Asian crypto market and will launch its products within Asian regions.

Similar to the meme coins like Dogecoin & Shiba Inu, Maximus Coin is also developed on Binance Smart Chain & it follows the BEP20 standards. To increase the demand and usage of its utility token Maximus Coin is continously developing its different products for over a year now.

Company plans to launch its Non Custodial Crypto Wallet Mobile App (where only users control the access to their cryptos) & NFT Marketplace focused on Music, Art & several other categories within the next 3 month and will go live in the beginning of the last quarter of 2022.

As seen on the website they are also building the first decentralized ecosystem backed by its decentralized cloud storage network (similar to Filecoin, Sia Network or Storj etc.). Its large network of data cloud storage providers (Farmers) will also participate in the ecosystem to earn Maximus Coin (MXZ) in return for providing the data storage to the Maximus Cloud Storage Network.

Its decentralized cloud storage is still under development and any launch is yet to be confirmed. Going further its decentralized cloud storage will be the foundation of its decentralized products ecosystem. Maximus aims to transform the way everyone connects to the internet.

Maximus ecosystem claims a revolutionary project in the blockchain industry and promises a solid future with its ongoing efforts to make the decentralization a reality and make it accessible through our daily lives. Its future developments and releases will ensure the success of this project further.

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