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J. Michael Miller’s Kid Cretaceous

Geologic history tells us that the Cretaceous period is about 145 to 66 million years behind us. But it continues to hold creative charm for writers and artists. J. Michael Miller’s comic is a journey into creative drawings that transport us into an era of robust human civilization. Famed as the most durable geological period that spanned 79 million years, the cretaceous epoch and its historical characters continue to inspire great artistic works of art. From this enduring history, J. Michael Miller has created a hero in his comic book, Kid Cretaceous, the story of Kacey and how she struggles with the loss of her mother while bearing an intimate connection to her dinosaur friend and hero, Ty Rex.

Set in the town of Meridian, this delightful book of comic panels opens with beautiful green scenery captured in a single panel. But this charming shot soon dovetails into tragedy, and Kacey and her dad are involved in a terrible accident when a meteorite strikes their car. The close-up panels reinforce the tension, drama, and tragedy that set this comic book alive. In the end, Kacey finds heroism and true friendship in Ty Rex.

Miller’s dramatic storytelling skills are evident in this comic book, filled with beautiful pictures arranged in charming sequences. Kacey struggles at her new school and is sent to therapy, but she desires the companionship of Ty Rex more than anything else. But will her friend’s heroism save her as it did during the road accident? Only Kid Cretaceous can answer that. There is more about Miller’s work at www.jmichaelmiller.org and on Twitter @comicsandcosmos.

Steve Ogah
Steve Ogah
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