Mayoral Candidate Don Woodstock, Calls Glen Murray A "Habitual Quitter"
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Mayoral Candidate Don Woodstock, Calls Glen Murray A “Habitual Quitter”

Woodstock asks Murray to sign a contract stating he will not quit if he is elected to serve as the city’s next Mayor

Winnipeg: Today, Don Woodstock, candidate for Mayor of the City of Winnipeg, challenged mayoral candidate Glen Murray to commit in writing to serving a full term in office should he be elected as the city’s next Mayor.

Murray previously served as Winnipeg’s Mayor from 1998 to 2004. He cut his second four-year term short to run for the federal Liberals but was unsuccessful in his attempt to gain a seat in the House of Commons.

Murray was also elected the Member of Provincial Parliament (M.P.P.) for Toronto Centre, where he served as the Environment and Climate Change Minister. After serving as an M.P.P, Murray left his post to take this dream job as the Executive Director of the Pembina Institute. This organization focuses on policies to improve the environment and address climate change.

Just a little over a year on the job, Murray quit vowing he was finished with politics, only to run years later for the leadership of the Green Party, which he was unsuccessful.

Now seeking to become Winnipeg’s Mayor again, Murray expressed during a June interview that he hopes to serve as Mayor for eight years. However, Woodstock isn’t convinced by that verbal commitment that Murray would serve a full term.

“Actions speak louder than words; talk is cheap,” said Woodstock.

In Woodstock’s Wednesday news conference, he challenged Murray to “sign a contract that if he is elected the next mayor of Winnipeg, he will not quit on the people of Winnipeg for the second time.” Woodstock refers to Murray as “a habitual quitter.”

Woodstock’s press release further stated, “Glen Murray’s history of quitting on the people who elected or hired him is habitual. He quit on the people in three cities, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Calgary. Can the people of Winnipeg trust Glen Murray not to quit again?”

 “Today, I demand that he sign a contract by August 15 that states he will not abandon the people of Winnipeg for a second time to search for greener pastures,” said Woodstock.

In an interview with C.B.C., Murray stated he plans on serving the City of Winnipeg for two terms and was non-committal if he would or would not sign Woodstock’s contract.

The former Mayor’s history of quitting high-profile lucrative employment is factual and does raise legitimate concerns about him quitting should he regain his seat as Mayor.

Winnipeggers go to the polls in October. The idea of Murray not being trustworthy will likely linger into the summer months and can seriously threaten his bid to become the city’s next Mayor once again.