Ouellette Promises To Overhaul E.P.C If Elected Winnipeg's Next Mayor
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Ouellette Promises To Overhaul E.P.C If Elected Winnipeg’s Next Mayor

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The Executive Policy Committee (E.P.C), the Mayor’s Cabinet is made by appointment which many have called an unfair antiquated process

E.P.C. is made up of the Mayor and six councillors who act as civic committee chairpersons. The EPC+2 concept includes two additional members: Deputy Mayor and the acting Deputy Mayor. As a result, the 16-member council now has nine members, giving them the majority. By law, Winnipeg’s E.P.C. steers the council, drafting a budget, overseeing committees, and setting policies for consideration by the council.

Robert Falcon Ouellette, one of the front runners in line for the City’s top job, wants to revamp how councillors are chosen to represent the Mayor’s cabinet.

“After years of investigations, revelations of backroom deals and lawsuits related to City of Winnipeg land deals and awarded contracts, we need to restore the public trust in City Hall. And we can do this by having an elected executive policy committee (E.P.C.).” Said Robert Falcon-Ouellette

If elected to serve as Winnipeg’s next Mayor, Ouellette will work to amend the City’s charter, paving the way for the council to elect members of the E.P.C. At the council’s first meeting after the election, he would like to see members elected by their peers to serve on the E.P.C. Moreover, the council should meet at least once a year to re-elect or elect new members to the committee.

Ouellette admits that without a change to the City of Winnipeg Charter Act, the process of electing members to E.P.C. is symbolic. But an important one.

A change in business as usual at City Hall is what Winnipeggers have wanted for years. An elected E.P.C will ensure actual checks and balances in the Mayor’s inner circle, which only benefits taxpayers.

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