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Racism Is Not Patriotism

The Dangers Of Political Parties To Accept Far-right Ideologies should be setting off alarm bells around the globe

Politic parties are increasingly accepting far-right ideologies as their platforms, and there seem to be a few reasons for this. Some academics and politicians argue this response to the public’s disillusionment with the current political system. Others say that parties are trying to appeal to a broader base of voters by taking on more controversial stances. Whatever the reason, it’s essential to understand why this is happening and what the consequences might be.

One of Europe’s most well-known far-right parties is the French National Front. It was founded in 1972 by Marine Le Pen’s father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. The party has been described as neo-fascist, a party known for its anti-Semitism and racism. It has advocated for restrictive immigration policies, Euroscepticism, and a return to traditional values.

The National Front has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. In the 2012 French presidential election, Marine Le Pen came in third place with 17.9% of the vote. In the 2014 European Parliament elections, the National Front won 24.86% of the vote, making it the most prominent French party in the European Parliament.

The National Front’s success can be partially attributed to the public’s disillusionment with the current political system. France has recently been plagued by high unemployment and economic stagnation, and many voters have turned to the National Front to express their frustration.

This problem of political parties embracing far-right points of view is not just a European problem; it’s global. In Canada, politicians from the Conservative and People’s Party of Canada openly embrace groups such as the Freedom Convoy that shut down parts of the country in favour of no vaccine or mask mandates.

Then there is America’s Republican Party, which has completely lost all sense of decency, moral and critical thinking. They have openly accepted conspiracy theories, Qanon, The Big Lie Trump won the election, use the Proud Boys as security, and refuse to acknowledge the wrongs of the confederacy, racism, women’s rights, and so. They have truly become the party of the deplorable with only a short list of people who put the country over right-wing lunacy.

Far-right parties are funded well, are becoming better organized, and are more effective at appealing to the electorate. Additionally, many mainstream parties are becoming more centrist, which has left a vacuum for far-right parties to fill. Finally, the rise of social media has allowed far-right parties to spread their message more efficiently than ever before.

There has been a worrying trend of politicians on the right accepting far-right ideologies and embracing the hate and bigotry that comes with them. We must resist this trend and stand up against the hatred and bigotry these politicians promote.

One example of this is the recent embrace of white nationalism by some members of the Republican Party. In Virginia, for example, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, E.W. Jackson, has said that “the Democratic Party has become a party of racists.” He has also referred to Planned Parenthood as “the biggest killer in America” and said that gay people are “perverted.”

Another example was the rise of the Tea Party movement, which is built on a foundation of hate and bigotry. The Tea Party promotes xenophobia and religious extremism and has been linked to numerous acts of violence and racism.

We need to stand up against the hate and bigotry that these politicians are promoting. We must make it clear that we will not tolerate hatred and discrimination in our society.

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