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US Attorney General Files To Unseal Warrant Against Trump

The case involving Donald Trump and the FBI continues to cause tension around the US.

On Monday, the FBI raided Trump’s home in Florida in search of potentially stolen information that belonged to the White House. The following week continued with many Republicans and allies of Trump speaking up about the undignified and unnecessary search of the former president’s home. Many called for more information and clarification on why the search happened, along with negative comments being cast upon the FBI.

On Thursday, August 11, the US Attorney General, Merrick Garland, stepped forward, saying that he had personally approved the warrant that granted the search and that he would not put up with the bad-mouthing of the FBI agents who protect the citizens of America.

Garland also noted that it was not the FBI that made the search public but Trump and that the raid matter has now caught the public’s eye.

The Justice Department has approved the warrant’s unsealing and left it to Trump’s team to decide if they would also like this. The judge who signed the warrant supported and notified Trump’s team, giving them until 3 pm Friday to either decline or accept. If Trump’s team agrees, the raid’s warrant documents and inventory list will be available.

Late Thursday, Trump took to his own social media app, Social Truth, and advocated for releasing the documents. Trump said he was “not opposed” to freeing the documents and stated, “Release the documents now!”

Trump’s response may indicate that the warrant and inventory will be made public soon.

“Image from Justice Department social media”