The so-called party of law and order is calling to defund the police after they assault them
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The G.O.P Has Been Replaced With Anti-Law Enforcement And M.A.G.A Sycophants

The so-called party of law and order is calling to defund the police after they assault them

Just days after the Federal Bureau (F.B.I) of Investigation executed a legal search on the former disgraced U.S President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago compound under the espionage act, members of the Republican Party and Fox News, and right-wing media cast doubt on the validity of the warrant.

As a result of their dangerous rhetoric, false information and salacious embellishment of the facts, one America was killed after firing a nail gun at the F.B.I. field office in Cincinnati. On his social media, he left a long, disturbing post about going to confront law and order for the way they treated Trump, and many did not make it back.

A day ago, groups of heavily armed militias supporting Trump took up arms in front of Phoenix F.B.I. headquarters, demanding the government respect the oath of office. A promise the former President had broken on numerous occasions.

Then there is the Minority leader Kevin, who openly threatened U.S Attorney General Garland and bad actors and released personal information and address of the judge that signed the search order, resulting in death threats to him and his family.

The Republican Party, Fox News and the rest of the right-wing media and M.A.G.A. sycophants, dare to accuse the current U.S Department of Justice of weaponizing the justice system. Neither President Biden nor members of his administration knew about the search warrant until Trump made it public.

The Garland Justice Department is acting arm’s length from the executive branch as it should. A far comparison to that of the Trump administration that routinely used it to settle scores with political opponents. And just days after the search warrant, Eric Trump went on T.V. to brag about his time at the Whitehouse; Trump knew or dictated how the country’s Attorney General would act on judicial matters.

The Republican Party continues to call for defunding the police, but when Black Lives Matter did so, they were labelled terrorists. This is not the party of law and order; it is the party of weak, gutless Trump sycophants.

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